Dedicated to the Tennants and Grawbargers who settled the Ottawa Valley in the 1850's.

The Grawbargers sailed to New Amsterdam (New York) in 1710 or so on the "Elizabeth". Some of their family members (Andrew Grawbarger) migrated northward as loyalists to the British Crown in the late 1700s or early 1800s.

The Tennants sailed to Canada in June 1820 on the "Commerce" out of Greenock Scotland and Dublin Ireland . They originally settled in Lanark Township in Lanark County Ontario and subsequently spread throughout Canada and the USA.

Meeting up in the Wilberforce Township area (near Killaloe) in the 1850s the Tennants and Grawbargers became fast friends and intermarried quite extensively.

Moving northwest into the Petawawa area together in the 1870s they founded the "Tennant Settlement" on what is now part of the Petawawa Military Base. Being bought out by the Military in 1906 some moved into nearby Chalk River while others made the trek to the Restoule/Golden Valley area and others rode the rails to Manitoba, Alberta and British Columbia.

Their story of hard toil and heavy burdens marked them as they set down roots and pioneered the Lanark area in the early 1800s. Finding strength in each other and through their fantastic familial relationships as their descendants married other pioneers, the Tennants and their extensive families spread out from Lanark to explore whole new homesteads and occupations.

Thomas Tennant and Ann Hill would be proud of the varied and broad legacy of their descendants. Their heart-wrenching decision to sail to a new world would in a few short decades after their death, ultimately be rewarded with their progeny weaving themselves into and becoming a part of the very essence of Canada.

Their never ending spirit lead their descendants to become explorers, clergy and pastors, shanty-men, hunters, trappers, doctors, farmers, scientists, administrators, lawyers, railroaders, soldiers, writers, educators, paramedics, morticians, elected officials, police officers, firefighters, sports enthusiasts and entrepreneurs of the day.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

The Start of the Journey

In the 1861 Census Thomas Tennant (1835-1909) and Andrew Grawbarger (1835-1907) were neighbours in Wilberforce Township. Thomas had moved there with his father from Lanark County and Andrew came with his father from Westmeath Township and previously from Dundas County. Andrew Grawbarger Sr. was born in the United States.

Thomas and his wife (Andrews sister) Mary Ann Grawbarger (1837-1911)( in the photo on the right ) lived on 100 acres on Concession 25 lot 17.

Andrew (in photo below) and his wife Sarah Jane Tennant (1837-1882) who was sister to Thomas lived on 100 acres as well on Concession 25 lot 9 in Wilberforce Township
Thomas and Mary Ann had 10 children - 7 boys and 3 girls. Andrew and Sarah Jane had 12 children - 10 boys and 2 girls.
Edward Tennant (Thomas' brother) married Sarah Ann Grawbarger (b. Nov. 7, 1847). Robert Tennant (born on the Twelth of July 1846) married Elizabeth Grawbarger (Sarah and Mary Ann's sister).
Four Grawbargers married four Tennants and thus the Tennant/Grawbarger Journey started.
Tom Tennant m. Mary Ann Grawbarger
Edward Tennant m. Sarah Ann Grawbarger
Robert Tennant m. Elizabeth Grawbarger
Sarah Jane Tennant m. Andrew Grawbarger
As of the 1871 Census data Andrew Grawbarger Jr and his wife Sarah Jane Tennant had moved to Petawawa Township to what would become to be known as the Tennant Settlement (Damn Tennants stole the name of the settlement). In 1871 Richard Tennant and Jane Cardiff and their sons Thomas (& his wife Mary Ann Grawbarger), George, Edward and Robert were still living in Wilberforce Township.

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